Hello, my name is Dennis.

I make apps

Mobile apps are the most personal type of software. Users can literally hold apps in their hands. That is why I like to create digital experiences for iOS and the rest of the Apple ecosystem.

I studied Software Engineering at Fontys University in Eindhoven and attended the Apple Developer Academy in Naples. I have worked at several companies, where I have built apps that connect with hardware via bluetooth. I also worked on frameworks that are used by several well-known airlines. A few other technologies I have been using are SwiftUI, ResearchKit and RxSwift.

For me, apps should always be centered around the end user. How will they experience the app? Is everything clear at first glance? Is the app accessible?
Never settle for the easy solution.

Want to know more about me?

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A tiny Apple Watch app to keep yourself focused

If you have some difficulties getting focussed on your work during the day, the pomodoro technnique might be something that works for you.

In a set of intervals, usually 25 minutes, seperated by short breaks of about 3 minutes, you break down your work. Focus yourself on writing that important paper, and get that cup of tea in your little break.

Pomodoro is a small Apple Watch app which supports the new Always-On functionality in watchOS 8.

The app is currently in active development and is being tested by a select number of people. The app will soon be available in the Apple Watch App Store.


Status Sunset 🌅

All your pull requests in one place, on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

You wrote some pretty code. Good job! But you need that colleague to review that piece of magic. So what do you do? Assign the request to them so they can review it? Great! They get an email and for sure will read it the moment it arrives, no?

Or do you send the link via Slack? The url will definitely be seen in all those chat messages, right?

The problem with these methods is that they are timeline based. The pull request will get lost in time when new mails or messages come in.

Gitten for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS

In the Gitten app, all your pull request are centered in one clear place. You can add multiple repositories from multiple sources like GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps. Gitten will keep track of them and you can view the most important details of the PR at a glance.

gitten on iPhone
gitten on iPhone

Once place

Install Gitten on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to keep track of all your pull request on the most popular git systems.


Keep the conversation going on your request. Write your comments with the built-in markdown editor and read all the comments.


Get notified when new pull requests are made or assigned to you. No longer wait for that message in Slack or e-mail.

If you'd like to come in contact with me, reach out via Twitter or send me an e-mail.

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